Tuesday, October 12, 2010

By Baker, EAP2B

A lot of different interesting issues grabbed the groups attention in the gathering. We talked about how americans deal with different religions and how they respect them. Another interesting subject is that US citizens don't like to talk about policy. Instead, they care more about jobs and their lives. However, the thing that we liked most is abortion, we discussed the evil side of humanity al of the members of my group were astonished of some people's action regarding abortion and how they look at this issue. We all agreed that abortion is immoral and people should be aware that they have no control over the lives

Ray, EAP2B #2

International students should talk to Americans because that will help them to improve their language. There are many things that we like to share such as America's holidays, friends' relationship, and American students' future. All these things are very helpful for internationals. Talking to Americans has many benefits for internationals, and it is going to improve their languages. In my case, the most important thing that can help internationals' english is living with Americans families or at least with an American roommate.

Ray, EAP2B

We should talk to Americans, and we should understand their cultures. The most important thing that i would like to share is to talk American students about their daily lives. We should also make a lot of American friends, and that is very helpful for us. To sum up, there are many things that we should know about Americans to help us to deal with them, and talking with Americans is one of the most important things that helps us to understand their cultures.

Friday, April 9, 2010

RRJ1 (How to become an Engineer)


Kristoff, Susan. (2010, Mar 17). How to become an Engineer. Suite 101.com, Retrieved Mar 31, 2010, from http://engineering.suite101.com/article.cfm/how-to-become-an-engineer.


Engineering combines many things such as science, mathematics, and problem solving to create new solutions to some needs. Engineering is a career that creates scientific principles to solve problems. Engineers are present in all industrial areas. There are many kinds of engineers such as engineers who design, analyze, build, test, and validate. The most important things of an engineering education is a four-year bachelor's of science degree. There are many specific courses that allow the students to discover a focus area within that major. There are a lot of public universities that have engineering programs, and some private universities that focus solely on engineering. An undergraduate engineering education begins with a base in math and science courses, then the general engineering courses follow. There are many engineers who will pursue a management degree such as Master of Business Administration, to give them the tools needed to manage an engineering company. Engineers should show their proof of competency especially focused on the civil and mechanical engineering branches for projects that involve public safety.


Engineering is one of the best specializations that are found in all areas of life. This major is very interesting, and it has many specializations. It is one of the most difficult majors, and it requires hard work. All companies need it, so it is easy to find a job. Because I like this major and all the subjects that it contains, This article makes me feel good about this major. My major is electrical engineering, and I like it. I will keep studying more information about this major. There are many big companies in my country that need specializations in that major because it is very popular and it is easy to find it in all the world